Tribute To Larry Danehower
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Sound Files

Recordings from about 1969

These nostalgic sounds were recorded on my on my vintage 444 Concord Reel to Reel. Larry pretended to be an interviewer called, "Man on the Street." He was joined by Steve, Finis, and myself. Also recorded are some of Larry's singing practice. His voice was much better in church.


    Larry Sings - "Looked Beyond" & "Royal Telephone"
    Larry Sings - "He Looked Beyond My Faults"
    Larry's laughing after lack of sleep
    Larry's letter to Steve, before leaving for home
    Street Interview - Invaders Skit - Russian
    Street Interview - Invaders Skit - Irishman
    Street Interview - Invaders Skit - Count Ravioli
    Street Interview - Invaders Skit - Southerners
    Street Interview - Invaders Skit - Gypsy