Tribute To Larry Danehower
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Danehower Genealogy by Steven E. Mitchell

According to the 1900 Arkansas census, Larry's great-grandparents lived in Lee County, Union Township.  His great-grandfather, Frank Danahower [one of many alternate spellings for the name], was 38, with his birth month and year listed as October 1861.  His great-grandmother, Maggie, was 35, with her birth month and year listed as May 1865.  Frank was born in Tennessee, as was his father; his mother was born in Pennsylvania.  His occupation was farmer.  Maggie was born in Arkansas, and both her parents were born in Tennessee.  Frank and Maggie had five children, all born in Arkansas: Sam, 12, born June 1877; Lizzie, 9, born July 1890; Verter [?], a daughter, 7, born January 1892; Buster, 6, January 1894; and Jesse, 3, born September 1897.  Also included in the household were two boarders, two farm laborers, and a cook.


In the 1880 census, a Frank C. Danehower, 19, was listed in the household of Mary L. Kernell, a 45 year old housekeeper, in Lake County, Tennessee.  Frank was born in Tennessee, as was his mother; his father was born in Pennsylvania.  The information on his parents' birth states was reversed from the 1900 census.  Frank's occupation was listed as farmer.  Edison Vance, 22, born in Illinois, was also listed as a farmer.  Also included in the household were Kernell's three children: James Williams, 18, a farmer; Merantha Williams, 15; and Julius Danehowr, 12. 


In 1910, Frank C., 45, and Maggie H., 44, still lived in Union Township, Lee County.  Frank was listed as a stock farmer.  Samuel, 22, was a veterinary.  The other children were: Beulah V., 17; George F., 12; Jessie B., 12 [Larry's grandfather; were George and Jessie twins?]; and Maggie M., 11.  Grandson Thomas R. Cox also lived in the household.  One boarder and a servant, nineteen year old Robert Cook, were also listed.


In 1920, Frank was 59 and Maggie was 57.  The census that year specified that Frank owned his farm.  Jessie, 22, and George, also 22, were listed as Church of God ministers.  Minnie, a daughter-in-law, was 19; she was born in Mississippi, as were her father and mother.  Although her husband was not specified, she was Jessie's wife.  The household also included a boarder, a lodger, and a hired man.  Jessie and Minnie were counted twice in the 1920 census.  The Arkansas census was enumerated on July 3, 1920.  On January 26, 1920, Jessie and Minnie were also recorded in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.  Jessie, 22, was born in Arkansas, as were his father and mother.  His occupation was listed as minister and he rented his dwelling.  Minnie was 22 and was born in Mississippi, as were her father and mother.

In 1930, Franklin, 69, and Maggie E., 67, are living with their youngest daughter, Maggie, 29, and her husband, Jim Jones, 36.  Maggie married Jones when she was 15 and he was 19.  Jones was born in Tennessee, as were his father and mother.  Jones was listed as landlord of a cotton farm.  Jim and Maggie Jones had five children, all born in Arkansas: Jimmie, 11; Hershal, 10; Robert, 7; Clifford, 4; and Dorothy, 2.  One servant, Sherman Williams, 17, was also included in the household.


Frank E. Danehower (October 19, 1860—February 9, 1939) and Margaret H.B. Danehower (January 23, 1862—March 3, 1950) were buried in Clay Hill Cemetery, Haynes, Arkansas, as was their son-in-law, James D. Jones (died January 5, 1939).  Jesse Danehower (born September 10, 1897) died in September 1985, and Minnie Danehower (born December 16, 1897) died in July 1982.

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