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Mapping the Cosmos - William King Museum, Abingdon, VA

Artwork: "Cosmic Kabuki" acryllic, (27 x 35" unframed) by Ralph Slatton



Opening Reception: Feb 5, 2015, 6:00pm

Closes: May 17, 2015


In astrology, Libra is considered as balance and harmony between different viewpoints and personalities. The individual under this sign are thought to be good diplomats, able to see issues from another's point of view and also have the ability to present these views in a pleasant manner. Libras often hide or bend their true feelings to bring peace. I like to think of this as a disguise that appeases and also protects. The downside is that they carry self esteem issues and go through life not really knowing who they are.  I chose animals because they are excellent allegories for human behavior. I have a wolf in sheep's clothing, facing a sheep in wolf's clothing. They are wearing hides of the opposing animal. There is a dark side in doing this. Not only are the hides worn in a somewhat gruesome manner, but we must confront the idea that the disguise is made from a disemboweled animal.  I used a symmetrical composition to reinforce the feeling of balance. The disguised animals are quite opposite in nature, a timid sheep and an aggressive wolf. Ironically their disguises allow them to meet and share an affectionate kiss.





2012, July 10- Aug 10

Spicy Tales - A Two Person Exhibit: Nicole Osborne & Ralph Slatton

Arts @ 1830, 1830 14th St Nw, Washington, DC 20009


2011, Aug 12- Sept 18

4 Directions/ 4 Printmakers - Schoenherr Gallery, North Central College, Naperville, IL; The art featured in "4 Directions/ 4 Printmakers" unifies four master printmakers from four corners of the United States.