Many ask why I enjoy working with the animal form. There is a satisfaction in exploring musculature and animal gesture. Their sense of balance and gravity are beautifully choreographed.  Their expressions are inscrutably humorous, but always raw, with unbridled presence.


I work in intaglio printmaking, which refers to any process that digs, cuts, or etches a plate, allowing only those inked areas lying below its surface to print. Most of my work utilize etchants to create lines and tones. My favorite method of etching is a process called aquatint, where fine particles of rosin are melted on the plate. When etched, its printed surface will create a rich combination of lights and darks. Traditional intaglio may take months of proofing and editing, before the final image is realized.


For me, the process is very much a part of the artistic discovery. Every scratch, pit, or errant line is a record of the experience, directing my concepts from inception to final edition.